Engineering Training Library

This internal resource was created as a way to quickly onboard new developers and account managers through short, easily consumable videos, to the Ozone Online way of digital marketing. To maintain the Ozone Online brand, the library was branded with colors, fonts and background treatments taken from the agency’s user facing site. For added punch, I created vintage-inspired library checkout cards for the home page that pop-up on hover.

In addition to building the Engineering Training Library (and performing light-design work), I also produced a majority of the content and several of the training videos.

After the Teradata acquisition of Ozone Online, the library was updated to include Teradata related training documents and product terminology sections, and since then has died a slow, quiet death. R.I.P. Engineering Training Library…


  • Role: Front-End Development, Design and Content Creation
  • Languages Used: HTML, Sass, jQuery, and PHP
  • Project Start Date: 2014
  • Project Completion Date: 2015
Engineering Training Library Home Page.
Sample video page.
DMC development resource page.
Email development resource page.

Additional Work