Intel Developer Campaign

The Intel Developer Campaign is a lead nurturing program, affectionately nicknamed the Tree of Life. The idea behind it first sprouted to fruition at Ozone Online, and then became more fully realized at Teradata Interactive. At its most basic, the idea behind the campaign is to send contacts down a general interest path, and based on data captured during a form submission, the contact can then be routed to a more specific path that is tailored to their industry.

Working closely with account managers and digital strategists, my job was to translate the concepts and logic of the lead nurture flow into a full-fledged marketing campaign in Eloqua to best meet Intel’s business objectives.


  • Role: HTML Email and Front-End Development, and Campaign Architecture within Eloqua
  • Languages Used: HTML, Sass, JavaScript, and jQuery; PHP and jQuery for the Asset Builder
  • Marketing Automation Platform: Eloqua
  • Strategy: Brian Smith
  • Project Start Date: 2014
  • Project Completion Date: 2016
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Asset Production

Timeliness with campaign asset production was key to getting this campaign up-and-running. To help with this, I coded two responsive starter templates: one for landing pages and one for emails. These templates were then incorporated into an easy-to-use asset builder to quickly and accurately build out the multitude of developer offers.

Landing page template example.
Email template example, with the desktop version on the left and the mobile version on the right.

With this builder, asset production could then easily be passed off to junior developers to assist in coding without having to worry about missing bits of copy or hidden data that would be captured and passed during form submission.

Campaign asset builder.

Additional Work