Teradata DMP Demo

This Teradata demo, entitled “Project Mayhem”, was a P.O.C. demonstrating how an imaginary website, Runners.com, might use a Data Management Platform (DMP), in conjunction with a marketing automation platform, to deliver targeted content to an anonymous or known user. My role on the project was to code and develop all of the digital marketing assets used in the demo.


  • Role: HTML Email and Front-End Development
  • Languages Used: HTML, Sass and PHP
  • API’s: Digital Marketing Center
  • Marketing Automation Platform: Digital Marketing Center
  • Art Direction: Carolyn Blevins
  • Strategy & Technical Direction: Ali Naimi
  • Project Start Date: November 2015
  • Project Completion Date: January 2016 / Templates created April 2015
View Code Samples
Sample emails for fake brands.
Runners.com home page.
Runners.com article with targeted content.
Fake Titan Energy brand home page.

Additional Work