Hertz Bon Voyage POC

The Hertz Bon Voyage campaign was a proof-of-concept project showcasing the power of Teradata’s Digital Marketing Center, as well as Teradata Interactive’s agency services.

Key objectives to prove were:

Dynamic Email

My role on the project was two-fold: code the dynamic email based on the data points provided by Hertz and build the campaign architecture in the Digital Marketing Center, based on the specs devised by the Solution Architect (Kamran Kanany) on the project.

From code to conception.

Daily Campaign Flow

Below is an example of the Daily Campaign Flow. A Python script was written by team member Nick Silva to transform the list provided by Hertz, making it consumable for import into the Digital Marketing Center (DMC). The daily end-to-end campaign flow was then built by myself in the DMC using the system’s Automation Whiteboard.



Additional Work